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Taxon H1_305795

Taxon Name H1_305795
Haplogroup H1
Parent taxon H_305303
Sequence 263 750 1438 3010 4769 8860 15326
Differences from the parent taxon 3010GA(r) *)
Frequency 0
Accession No.
Child taxa H1_147019 H1_148733 H1_149796 H1_149816 H1_285955 H1_305851 H1_305853 H1_320030 H1_320034 H1_320048 H1_320049 H1_321670 H1_321676 H1_323273 H1_323295 H1_361418 H1_362093 H1_362094 H1_362095 H1_362096 H1_362098 H1_362099 H1_362100 H1_362105 H1_362108 H1_362110 H1_362112 H1_362114 H1_362116 H1_362117 H1_362119 H1_362120 H1_362122 H1_362123 H1_362124 H1_403587 H1_435145 H1_480347 H1_480360 H1_485279 H1_535845 H1_80937 H1_80947 H1_81138 H1_81142 H1_81445 H1_81602 H1_82199 H1_86430 H1_86989 H1c_305852 H1e_305800 H1h_321121 H1i_321099 H1m_362146 H1o_147678 H1p_147671 H1q_362148 H1s_362147 H1t_305842 H1v_323327 H1w_323328 H1x_323329