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Taxon H_305303

Taxon Name H_305303
Haplogroup H
Parent taxon HV_305338
Sequence 263 750 1438 4769 8860 15326
Differences from the parent taxon 2706GA(!)(r) 7028TC(!)(s) *)
Frequency 0
Accession No.
Child taxa H_148132 H_148136 H_148392 H_149790 H_305779 H_305793 H_305968 H_306008 H_320019 H_320023 H_320029 H_321820 H_323269 H_323293 H_361415 H_361420 H_362154 H_362155 H_362156 H_362157 H_362159 H_362161 H_362163 H_362164 H_362168 H_362169 H_362170 H_362171 H_362172 H_362173 H_412758 H_412826 H_412836 H_412840 H_423435 H_423437 H_423438 H_423441 H_435309 H_480378 H_545993 H_80912 H_80916 H_80927 H_81116 H_81117 H_82188 H_86982 H_88247 H1_305795 H10_305792 H13_305976 H14_305799 H15_305786 H16_305788 H18_80933 H2_305923 H20_306027 H23_305866 H24_323334 H25_147666 H26_323335 H29_362286 H3_305934 H31_321146 H33_306012 H34_362258 H37_306026 H38_321181 H4_305961 H5'36_305789 H7_305791 H9_305785